Who am I?

I have a long-standing interest in molecular biology and genetics, which began during my undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Inspired by several undergraduate courses and groundbreaking papers assessing the genetic architecture of quantitative traits, I ultimately chose for my PhD a project combining molecular and quantitative genetics.

Fascinated by the opportunities offered by (epi)genomics approaches, particularly to investigate the molecular determinants of phenotypic variation, I joined as Postdoc the team of Vincent Colot at IBENS in Paris. Heritable epigenetic variation is typically associated with the presence of transposable element (TE) sequences, which are a largely neglected part of genomes. Thus, it became obvious that to determine the full phenotypic potential of epigenetic variation, we must first to understand the contribution of TE mobilisation to the generation of genetic diversity.

In November 2017 I obtained a tenured track position at the CNRS and in 2020 I was awarded an ERC Starting Grant. After several wonderful years at IBENS, notably working next to Vincent Colot, I moved in 2021 to the Institute of Plant Science at Paris-Saclay University to establish the Q-Lab team.